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Workers Compensation

South Coast Medical Group OC is a full-service occupational and urgent care facility serving people in Aliso Viejo, California, and surrounding communities. In fact, South Coast Medical Group OC is a contracted provider for most workers’ compensation insurance carriers. The practice provides numerous services, including work-related injury assessment and treatment, drug screenings, Department of Motor Vehicles physicals, and occupational medicine. If you own or run a business, contact South Coast Medical Group OC for all your occupational care needs.

What companies does South Coast Medical Group OC serve?

South Coast Medical Group serves multiple well-known companies in the Aliso Viejo area, including:

City of Aliso Viejo, Walmart, Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Costco, Capistrano Unified School District, Cox Communication, Del Taco, Fluor Daniel, Taco Bell, Q-logic, Burger King

How does South Coast Medical Group OC benefit companies?

South Coast Medical Group OC is dedicated to working side by side with employers in their efforts to manage and facilitate workers’ compensation injuries and claims. The practice provides your company with physicians and staff that have current knowledge of workers’ compensation and occupational medicine. Physicians are qualified medical evaluators and certified by the Division of Workers’ Compensation-Medical Unit.

The office staff accommodates individual protocols for your company’s needs, including faxing and calling work status immediately after patients are evaluated. South Coast Medical Group OC has a progressive back-to-work program that includes first aid only, modified duty, and a work hardening program.

Company managers are invited to tour the facility at South Coast Medical Group OC and meet the physicians and staff.

What workers’ compensation services does South Coast Medical Group OC provide?

South Coast Medical Group OC’s complete program includes both a walk-in urgent care and a full-service acute care hospital, with 24-hour emergency services. Occupational services include, but are not limited to:

Workers’ compensation management, Drug screening, Pre-placement physicals, Breath alcohol testing, Department of Transportation physicals, Laboratory services, Fit-for-duty physicals, Strength testing, X-rays, and Evaluations

What types of injuries generally fall under the scope of workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation covers numerous work-related injuries, including:

Physical injury on the job, including exposure to toxins, hearing loss, and repetitive motion injury (such as carpal tunnel), Physical injury sustained while operating a company vehicle, Pre-existing conditions aggravated by work tasks, including back injury, Injuries caused at company facilities, events (even company picnics), and during breaks, Mental and physical strain brought on by work duties or work-related stress, Self-inflicted wounds, injuries sustained while intoxicated or committing an illegal act, and injuries sustained while not at work are generally not covered by workers’ compensation.