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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine patientIf you’re an athlete, you need a doctor who understands sports and who can specifically address sports-related conditions and injuries. The South Coast Medical Group OC Team are a family medicine physicians and sports medicine specialists with South Coast Medical Group who can offer health services to athletes in Aliso Viejo, California, and the surrounding communities. Call for an appointment or book online to receive treatment for an injury, get a routine sports physical, or care for your overall health.

What does sports medicine entail?

Having served an extensive fellowship in sports medicine, The South Coast Medical Group OC Team can provide support for athletes in the form of:

Injury treatment, Braces, Sports physicals, Sports therapy, Custom orthotics, Joint injections, Care for the specific needs of female athletes

What injuries are most common in athletes?

Athletes engage in rigorous play and ask a lot of their bodies. As a result, they can suffer bone fractures, muscle pulls, and overuse injuries that stress the connective tissue. Some of the most common sports injuries include:

Sprained ankles, Shin splints, Knee injuries, Tennis elbow, Groin pulls, Hamstring strains

South Coast Medical Group is also an urgent care facility, so care is available for injuries that occur outside of normal business hours and on weekends. The practice offers X-rays to get you diagnosed and treated in one location.

What specific care does a female athlete require?

Athletic women sometimes attempt to achieve extreme levels of leanness to perform better or meet aesthetic expectations of their sport. Compulsive exercise and dieting can lead to nutritional deficiencies, menstrual irregularities, and lower-than-normal bone mass. This predisposes a female athlete to bone fractures and osteoporosis later in life.

At South Coast Medical Group, our healthcare team can help identify women who are at risk of this female athlete triad and guide them to a healthier way to approach their sports.

How is a sprain or a muscle strain treated?

Sprains occur when your ligaments, which are soft tissue that connect your bones together in a joint, stretch past their limits; in some severe cases, a ligament tears. Strains occur to muscles or tendons, which are connective tissues attaching muscle to bone. If you overwork or overextend the fibers in a muscle, they tear — leading to a strain injury.

With minor sprains or strains, rest and ice may be all you need to alleviate pain and start to heal. But, in severe cases, you might need an X-ray to determine if you have also injured the bone. You might need surgery if your ligaments are torn.

Our physicians and provider team can also provide recommendations so you prevent such injuries in the future. This includes warming up properly before exercise and training, cross training with different sports modalities, and avoiding overtraining.